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Eli Cohen Real Estate, L.L.C.
17 Arcadian Avenue
Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone: 201-368-3600

Fax: 201-368-0406

General e-mail: services@elicohenrealestate.com


I want to: buy or lease a property

  1. buy or sell land

  2. sell or lease my property

  3. find a new property manager

  4. just chat

Eli Cohen: ecohen@elicohenrealestate.com

Norma D. Cohen: ncohen@elicohenrealestate.com

Jack Cohen: jcohen@elicohenrealestate.com

Charles M. Williams:  cwilliams@elicohenrealestate.com

Lucille Mei: lmei@elicohenrealestate.com

“You are the only real estate broker whose calls I return.”

— A longterm client of Charles Williams