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Over fifty years of deal making, many transactions came up that people said couldn’t be done. These are the stories of some of Eli Cohen Real Estate’s most unusual and successful victories. Click the text or thumbnail images to view the full stories.

  1. The client had worked with dozens of brokers over many years. At midnight, when the fire engines were outside his premises, he called Eli Cohen Real Estate.

  2. Eli Cohen Real Estate introduced a developer to a unique demographic opportunity for a 350,000 SF retail power center in Bayonne, New Jersey. It became the only mall project in the state of New Jersey to break ground in 2009.

  3. How did Eli Cohen Real Estate convert a 166-acre garbage dump, with no good road access or visibility for signage, into a thriving 1.3 million square foot shopping mall?

  4. Do you remember when Rockland County was considered a commercial backwater?  See how Eli Cohen Real Estate put it on the map.

  5. The rumor was that the exterior tiles were falling off this one-year-old vacant medical building and that it was unsalable. How did Eli Cohen Real Estate combine seven independent medical practices to purchase the building with 5% cash?

  6. After thirty major builders turned this project down, Eli Cohen Real Estate sold the site, which became the most successful residential project in the history of New Jersey. Its 344 townhouses sold out in one day and two hours.

  7. Eli Cohen Real Estate listed a Landmark Status 183 acre estate that included an 8,000 SF mansion in need of repair. The owner wanted a corporate buyer. We found the needle in the haystack and the story went full circle.

  8. During an emergency, Eli Cohen Real Estate took over the management of this aging 70,000 SF industrial building with seemingly insurmountable problems. We turned it into a stable entity in one year.

“The one truism about
land is they’re not
making any more of it.”

— Eli Cohen
President, Eli Cohen Real Estate