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With over fifty years of personal experience, Eli Cohen has often been sought out in matters of land. His fascination with land, and the many uses to which it can be put, when coupled with his imagination and creativity, has produced some of the most outstanding industrial, commercial, and residential developments in New Jersey and New York. Whether it is site selection and acquisition, property disposal, or simply the introduction of a fresh eye to an old problem, Eli’s training as an economic geographer and his vast experience and knowledge of real estate are available to you at no charge. We cover a wide geographical area — from the tip of New Jersey to Orange County, New York.

“‘Location, location, location’ is more than just a catchy phrase,” says Eli Cohen. “Site selection can be the most critical element of a business decision.” So take advantage of our experience, and let’s talk.

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“Eli Cohen has unique expertise in industrial and commercial real estate in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley: an extraordinary ability to bring complex property transactions to successful fruition.”

— Barry Hersh, AICP
Associate Professor of Real Estate, New York University; former Real Estate Director, Reynolds Metals Development Corporation