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Norma Cohen, Executive Vice President of the company, runs Eli Cohen Real Estate’s management department. She takes a special interest in the management field, and enjoys the synergy between management and brokerage. Norma brings her own brand of creativity to each property, enjoying both mainstream projects and the challenge of rehabilitating distressed properties. “I understand what is right for the property and the client, and follow my own instincts. I am a take-charge person, and the clients and tenants are delighted,” she says.

Building owners know Norma and her staff for their scrupulous attention to detail and dedication to their property. They have the luxury of knowing they are in good hands. “Management requires a great deal of concentration on a great number of details,” says Norma. “It’s not just a matter of paying bills and collecting rents.” Here is a list of the most important services we provide:

  1. All financial responsibilities and computerized data reporting for the facility

  2. Oversight of vendors, including bidding, insurance policies, payroll services, contractors, and maintenance personnel

  3. Preparations for, and attending, physical audits with governmental and Workers Compensation auditors

  4. On-call status with fire and burglary alarm companies

  5. Liaising with municipal officials, including building, fire, and zoning officers

  6. Immediate response to tenants’ and property problems

  7. Tracking lease expiration dates, negotiating lease renewals, working with tenants in arrears, evicting tenants if necessary

  8. Working with owner’s accountant regarding year-end tax compilations

  9. Seasonal decorations in the lobby and hallways by special arrangement

Norma will meet with the building owner as many times a week or month, and with as many reports, as required. Her reports are in-depth and comprehensive. You will love her personalized attention.

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“Since Eli Cohen Real Estate’s management team took over, I cannot give it enough praise. Norma Cohen has been a real pleasure to work with. She is always checking in to make sure everything is ‘up to snuff,’ and all requests are taken care of promptly and efficiently. In this day and age, it is refreshing to find that kind of service. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a property manager to call Eli Cohen Real Estate.”

— Marc Maurer
Preferred Packaging Corp.